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Click to ViewCreating a Scatter PlotThis vodcast introduces students to scatter plots and guides them through the steps of entering data and creating a scatter plot using the graphing calculator.
Click to ViewGetting Started with the Graphing CalculatorThe vodcast will help students who are not familiar with using the graphing calculator learn to use its basic features in order to solve a variety of mathematics problems.
Click to ViewGraphing Using a Friendly WindowThis vodcast is intended to help students who are not familiar with the graphing calculator learn to graph functions in a friendly window. Friendly windows are helpful when exploring the key features of the graph of a function. It is especially useful when exploring intercepts and vertices of quadratic fuctions.
Click to ViewConstructing the Circumcenter of a TriangleThis vodcast demonstrates construction of the three perpendicular bisectors of the sides of a triangle. The intersection of the perpendicular bisectors at the circumcenter is demonstrated along with properties of the circumcenter.
Click to ViewGraphing with a Standard WindowThis vodcast demonstrates how to graph functions in a standard window. The ability to graph functions in a standard window is useful for exploring transformations of functions.
Click to ViewDiscovering Triangle InequalitiesThis vodcast explores the relationships between the side lengths in a triangle and the measure of the opposite angle.
Click to ViewTraveling the TurnpikeThis vodcast explores the Math II task, Traveling the Turnpike. Data is graphed and then an absolute value function is matched to the graph.
Click to ViewWorking with Lists on the Graphing CalculatorIn this vodcast you will learn how to work with lists on the graphing calculator. Working with lists is a critical skill for being able to work with data on the calculator. This is very useful in Math I when computing Mean Absolute Deviation and in Math II when finding regression models for data.
Click to ViewConstructing Angle BisectorsThe vodcast demonstrates construction of the angle bisector using Geometer's Sketchpad. Properties of the angle bisector are explored.
Click to ViewIntroduction to Quadratic FunctionsThis vodcast introduces quadratic functions and describes characteristics of quadratic functions.
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